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standing seam metal roofing
Metal Roofing makes a statement make your home stand out and increase its value
ice dam
Protect your investment, A metal roof can last for 50 years and is fire proof saving on insurance.
leaking roof
Lightweight, and low maintenance Weighs 50% less than asphalt.
shingle roofing
Take away the dangers of falling snow. with no worries about ice damming.
steap-slope roofing
A satisfied customer they love the looks and the low environmental impact

10 reasons to consider metal roofing.

  • Environmentally Friendly:
    • It is a sustainable material that is good for the environment because it is made from recycled materials and is recyclable when it is removed. Shingle go to the landfill.

  • Long lasting:
    • A Metal roof last 40 to 60 years, maintaining a healthy sheen throughout its lifetime. You can't repaint shingles but you can metal. New Metal process use specific metallic coatings comprised of aluminum and zinc hot dipped over carbon steel, pure aluminum, zinc or copper, to prevent rust from forming.

  • Adds value to your property:
    • Make your home standout with stunning color and style choices.

  • Low maintenance:
    • Can withstand decades of abuse from hail, high winds, heavy snow and other extreme weather conditions.

  • Sheds Snow better than any other material
    • Keeping the snow load down reduces stress on your building, increasing its life span and reducing repairs and maintenance costs related to compression stress.

  • Allows for snow retention with out ice dams.
    • For areas where falling snow can present a hazard to persons or pets, snow retention bars prevent shedding and because metal seems do not allow for ice to penetrate, there is no worries about ice damming.

  • Energy Efficient
    • Light colors reflect sunlight up to 25% over shingles.

  • Quiet
    • When properly installed using a base of solid sheeting, metal roofs can silence noise caused by rain and hail.

  • Can be used on any structure.
    • Metal roofing weighs about half of an asphalt shingle roof.


See what a metal roof will look like on your home. Simply take a picture of your home or building, then upload it to the Drexemet site to generate different views of your home. Click Here to try it.


HP Roofing has expanded our Metal Roofing service area to include New London and Concord NH areas.


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