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Installation of your new roof

Your roof is the part of the building that absorbs most of the punishment mother nature will throw at it.

roof installation

The materials used to cover your roof all have a Manufactures warranty, but if they are not properly installed that warranty may be void.
Your roofing contractor should be able to provide proof warranty for their workmanship. HP Roofing LLC provides all our clients with a written warranty upon completion of your roofing installation.

HP Roofing LLC is certified as an CertainTeed Select Shingle Roofer (SSR). This allows us to offer a better warranty than a non certified installer. See our Certificate.

HP Roofing LLC is also a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance, providing investment grade roofing and high quantity service.

Duro-Last requires all installers to be trained in the proper techniques and use of specialized equipment needed to create proper bonds and seams in their extraordinary roofing system for flat roofs.

When reviewing a bid for installation of your new roof , ask if they use ice and water shield on top of the underlayment. Will they replace the flashing, drip edges, or any rotted wood. If the contractor is not walking you through these issues and potential problems that could be discovered when the old roof is removed, beware. They may offer a low price, then keep upping the cost as the work progresses, until you have paid more than if the issues were considered up front.
Every one likes to hear the cost is less than expected because some anticipated issues were not found to be a problem.

Installation and Insurance.

If your contractor cannot provide a certificate of liability insurance, an on site injury could become your liability!
The reason that many low costs bids are made for roofing jobs come from the fact that not all contractors are properly insured, thereby reducing their cost of doing business.

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